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Are You a Niche Writer or an All-Around Writer?

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It is so easy to call yourself a writer. It is even easier to write down anything and call yourself an expert on something.


However, it becomes a different story when you are asked to classify what kind of writer you are.


You may find it difficult to know what kind of writing you do. This can be true in whatever industry you write for, including digital marketing. When it comes to online business development, content is critical in generating page views and converting visitors to profit.


Content marketing requires you to be an expert on a particular subject matter, or a jack of all trades and be an all-around writer.


What exactly are the differences between these two types of writers?


The Niche Writer


As what I’ve mentioned above, a niche writer is someone who writes about his or her chosen expertise. Picking a niche helps you get ahead of competitors and find solid ground in terms of online marketing. A niche is what would give you a sense of direction when writing your content.





  - they provide writing services for particular niches.


Unlike sites like Fiverr and Upwork that offer writing services about different topics, the former two only provide technical and academic writing jobs, respectively.


A niche writer ensures that the written content on the site remains consistent. Another advantage of having a niche is that the content will be easier to locate through search engines because they are more specific and targeted.


For instance, if you are a client, would you want content from an academic writer from Fiverr or Contently?


A narrowed-down content would ensure that you can keep up with competition and that your content would be noticed for what it is. Writing web content for a particular audience increases your chances of being known in a particular field or area of interest that you have chosen.


Your fascination with a subject matter could work wonders for your writing career. Being knowledgeable about a particular industry or topic helps you to expand further your awareness about it. Looking for a niche when writing also helps you to be more confident of what you want to convey to your readers, thus saving them from confusion and annoyance.


The All-Around Writer


If you are more used to writing a broader range of topics, then you are an all-around writer.


These are the writers generally found on sites like Contently and Textbroker.


You are more flexible when it comes to writing content that are of different natures and themes. You have a flair for writing just about anything under the sun—you can quickly adapt to changes in your line of writing.


Writing for all sorts of subject matter could be a great edge for you, especially in the digital marketing industry where content is a prized element.


You will have the opportunity to explore many things all at the same time, and apply the knowledge you gain to the pieces that you will write or create in the future.


How to be Effective as Both


Chances are, you will just choose to be one between being a niche writer and an all-around writer.


If you are skilled enough, you can be both—but this can be quite difficult if you will not practice how to create a unique writing voice for each type. You must first figure out what would work best in the online market or better yet, what your potential readers or customers would want to see.


The growing demand for content means an increasing demand for writers—but be sure of what you wish to write about first.


Regardless whether you are a niche writer or an all-around writer, it all boils down to one thing—accuracy. Ensuring that your work is correct and reliable should be your top priority. Like what I said, you can be either one of these writers, or you can even be both—but you cannot succeed in being any one of these if you do not watch carefully the quality of your written content.